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• Your docket contains your details, your occasion, collection & return dates, your outfit style, colour & sizes.  Your payment & balance details. If you are unsure please ask for an explanation as it is the customers responsibility to ensure that we have the correct details, dates, styles, & colours booked.

• For all orders confirmed more than 28 days before your collection date a booking deposit of £45.00 is payable. For orders confirmed less than 28 days before your collection date the full hire charge is payable, these payments are strictly non refundable or transferable. We do not consider a booking as confirmed until a deposit is received.

• We will take further deposits of £45.00 per outfit for each fitting completed. These deposits are required on the day of fitting or by prior arrangement within 7 days of the fitting taking place. We are able to safely and securely store debit/credit card details if required. 

• Deposits paid will come off of the individual's total outfit order value.

• For any changes and/or cancellations made within 28 days of the collection date of a confirmed order these are liable to full payment and are non refundable.

• The balance of your order is payable prior to or on the day of collection, by cash or debit/credit card. Failure to do so will result in your order not being released.

• Your  order will be ready for collection the day before your event from 2pm unless arranged in advance and by prior agreement.

• Your docket will show a security deposit of £100.00 per outfit. On collection of your order we will retain your debit/credit card details which will be charged should any charges arise due to cancellation, late return, damage or non return. We reserve the right to charge for any late, damaged or lost items, at any time on or after the return date shown on the docket.

• Accidental Damage Indemnity (ADI) covers the hirer against any accidental damage caused, (malicious damage or loss not covered). The charge for the ADI is £7.50 per adult outfit and £9.00 per child outfit. ADI is a compulsory charge and will be included on your docket. If you wish to OPT-OUT of ADI then you will be asked to sign your docket in the relevant section. If ADI is not taken please allow extra time when returning suits for us to check carefully for damage.

• We will assume that any penalties payable are to be taken from the security deposit or debit/credit card details held unless another suitable payment method is offered. We also reserve the right to charge the customer named on the docket or the main party member any charges caused by cancellation, late return and/or damage.

• We check through each article in each suit with you on collection. When at home the suit/s should be tried on as soon as possible in order that any changes, including size, style or colour, can be made at our premises. Failure to do so and therefore give us reasonable and sufficient time may result in us being unable to offer replacement garments prior to your function. We cannot be held accountable for should this be the case.

• Late returns will be charged at £5.00 per day plus hire charges due. Damaged or lost garments, boxes & bags are charged at retail cost less hire charge paid.

• Any items left in suits are retained for 6 months after which we reserve the right to dispose of as we wish. We will make every attempt to contact the main contact for the order should we find any items left.

• We advise that bookings are made for adults, no less than 3 months prior to collection date, for children & teenagers under 16 between 8 & 10 weeks prior to the collection date

• Although we hold over 10000 garments on the premises, at busy periods, booking later than these times may mean we cannot supply your chosen outfit/s. If booking within these periods you will be contacted within 14 days of your order date in the unlikely event that we are unable to complete your order.

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